British International Advanced Curriculum

What is this

  • British International Advanced Curriculum.
  • Aimed at students aged from 16 years to 19 years.
  • AS Level – Grade 12 Equivalent
  • A Level – Overseas University Entrance
  • International AS and A Level curriculum.
  • Wide choice of subjects.
  • Focussed curriculum provided by Avicci Academy 
British International Advanced Curriculum

British International AS and A Level Curriculum
Stage 12 plus

The British International A Level curriculum is a two year syllabus, for students seeking to advance their level of education.  The first year of Advanced level study is AS ( Advanced Subsidiary) Level, which has its own formal external assessment.  Most subjects can be started at International AS Level and extended to International A Level.  Students typically study four subjects at AS Level and three subjects at A Level.

AS and A Level English Language

English - Language and Literature (AS Level only)

AS and A Level Mathematics

Aimed at students intending to focus their studies on Sciences.  This group includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

AS and A Level Chemistry

AS and A Level Physics

AS and A Level Biology

AS and A Level Geography

These subjects offer the student the chance to direct their studies into Socio Economic areas, with the opportunity for further studies to be more directed towards these specific areas of study.  

AS and A Level Business

AS and A Level Computer Science

AS and A Level Economics

AS and A Level History

Linguistic and language study courses offer students the opportunity to broaden their language skills.  We offer three language courses, in addition to English.

Afrikaans (A Level only) - this subject will be withdrawn, the last examination for this subject will be November 2022

Afrikaans Language (AS Level only)

French (A Level only)

French Language (AS Level only)

Spanish (A Level only)

Spanish Language (AS Level only)

These subjects in this section are offered to students wishing to pursue studies in Art and Design and Music

International AS and A Level - Art and Design

International AS and A Level - Music (coming soon)

These courses do not contribute to formal AS and A Level qualifications, however we offer them  as a service to our students, to provide them with a holistic education and a full appreciation of the human world

Artistic Expression - RHYTHMIC MOVES - not a formal exam subject

Preparing for THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (all stages)

This is an interdisciplinary learning area where we encourage a love for learning , as well as a personal development journey toward enabling young people to engage socially in a variety of community initiatives , guidance in being responsible citizens and learning vital tools to living healthy, productive and joyous lives.

Curriculum Topics:
• personal, social and emotional growth and development (age appropriate)
• knowledge and understanding of the world and our responsible part in it
• environmental awareness
• physical and creative tools to understand in dealing with stress and pressures
• How to conduct oneself well and in a healthy manner within society
• Suicide awareness
• The importance of taking healthy responsibilities
• Learning to control one’s thoughts and actions in a positive and uplifting manner

We at Avicci Academy are concerned with the health and wellbeing of our students, parents and teachers from a physical, emotional and mental perspective.

We realise and value the importance of giving of ourselves, our families and our environment in a healthy way, and we wish to share these views to create a better future for all.

AS Level and A Level - Subjects available from Avicci Academy

Avicci Core Learning Subjects

  • English Language
  • English – Language and Literature (AS Level only)
  • Mathematics

Avicci Natural World Studies

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography

Artistic Expression

  • Art and Design
  • Music – coming soon

Avicci Socio Economic World Studies

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • History

Avicci Linguistic Studies

  • French (A Level only)
  • French – Language (AS Level only)
  • Afrikaans (A Level only) – withdrawn in Nov 2022
  • Afrikaans – Language (AS Level only)
  • Spanish (A Level only)
  • Spanish – Language (AS Level only)

Avicci Extra Curricular Subjects

  • Rhythmic Moves
  • The World of Tomorrow